Mini Nativity Scene in a Box

Mini Nativity Scene in a Box
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This miniature terracotta nativity set is perfectly transportable. Each little figurine is made from natural terracotta, and fits snugly inside its own secret box, nestled in natural dried grasses. Traditional artisans in Peru have hand painted each nativity character by hand, so each one is a little bit special.

This pocket nativity is ideal for taking a little bit of Christmas with you wherever you go. Set it up at work, on your desk, on your bedside table… Wherever you need a little piece of Christmas joy.

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In 1986, a gathering of entrepreneurial Peruvians made real the possibility that there could be a successful international business that also supported the little man, the artisan.

ALLPA were moved by the traditional skills they saw demonstrated by the skilled hands of those in poor communities. Since then, ALLPA has become an ambassador of the fair trade movement, turning the creation of original design into an ongoing conversation between artists and customers worldwide.

  • 5 pieces
  • Box L5.5cm


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