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Black Friday? Nah, it’s #JustFriday

This year’s flown by, and already we’re heading into the festive season.

What should be a season of wonder, warmth, and love can easily turn to stress when you start to think about how many gifts there are to buy this year. It’s on Black Friday (24th November) that the Christmas shopping season officially begins – and the day has become synonymous with shoppers fighting for the cheapest deal, at odds over the last gadget or gizmo on the shelf, and mindlessly buying en masse – taking home as much as they can for as little as they can.

The Black Friday frenzy is now a symbol of commercial competition, of aggression, and of thoughtlessness.


It’s #JustFriday

Black Friday shoppersBut that’s not the Traidcraft way. In a world already filled with mass-produced stuff, surely we should be taking great care of what we buy?

Shopping with thought, buying with love, and filling our homes with meaning. Looking for items with stories behind them, with hidden histories, all crafted from earth-friendly materials. When you start thinking this way, Black Friday soon becomes #JustFriday.

A day to think about how much money is wasted each year on unwanted stuff, and about how our most thought through treasures make us feel. Close your eyes for a moment, and just remember how you felt the last time you received a truly meaningful Christmas gift.

For the fourth year running, Traidcraft is shining a light on meaningful shopping and thoughtful gifting, and reminding everyone that despite the chaos – it’s #JustFriday.

More than a staggering £7 billion is estimated to be spent between Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. That’s a lot of hard-earned money and quality time spent shopping. We found that 10% of the UK public even take the day off work to devote to Black Friday deal-hunting. 

Last year, only 30% of people admitted that they keep and use all the Christmas presents they received – the rest are given away, donated to charity, sold, or even binned. 87% said that they always receive at least one unwanted gift. So much time and money wasted, without a warm and fuzzy feeling in sight.

Black Friday is now celebrated by 1 in 3 around the world. 81% of Black Friday purchases are delivered right to our front door. 37% buy gifts for others £7 billion will be spent between Black Friday 24th & Cyber Monday 27th
24% of purchases are just based on impulse and hype. 1 in 10 take the day off work to devote to Black Friday deal-hunting Only 30% keep and use all gifts. 87% of people receive at least one unwanted gift.

Good Gifts Last Forever

Fair trade artisansImagine the difference you’ll make by gifting something truly special this year. One meaningful gift is worth more than a thousand throwaway trinkets.

At Traidcraft, we’re determined to make #JustFriday the most mindful day in your calendar. It’s a day to think about how the gifts we give and receive (and treat ourselves to) mean so much more when they’re chosen with care. Why contribute to a cluttered world with more meaningless stuff that’ll likely be thrown away?

We know the best Christmas gifts are worth telling stories about. So rather than bulk buy this Black Friday – stop, take a breath, and consider choosing products which have been handcrafted with love around the world from eco-friendly fibres and recycled materials. We’ve curated our range of fair trade foods, handmade homewares, and ethical fashion to shine a light on incredible stories of human ingenuity and centuries old traditions. By choosing such a gift you can conserve the earth, support traditional craftspeople, and show that you know someone inside-and-out by finding them something truly original and ethical all at the same time.

For #JustFriday, we’re offering free delivery on all online orders until midnight on the 24th November, because there shouldn’t be a barrier to you taking home something handmade. Once you’ve chosen your something special, it’ll arrive with you in a few days, ready to be loved or gifted this Christmas.

Good gifts last forever. Buy with thought and shop with love. Make it count.

After all, it’s #JustFriday.




Shop with thought and buy with love.


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