Plants & Wildlife

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Explore a world of garden and outdoor accessories for the plants and wildlife in your yard, balcony, flower garden or vegetable garden.

We’ve curated our collection of wildlife essentials and heritage seeds to help local conservation in every season – no matter the size of your garden. By encouraging birds and mini-beasts to your garden you can do a lot to help pollinate flowers and deter weeds too! A keen bird-watcher? You’ll spot far more species if you encourage put out bird seed or hand up some places for nests to be made. Our selection of handmade bird feeders, bird tables, and bird houses and boxes offer an option for all UK garden species. Get your binoculars at the ready! Our range of bug hotels and insect houses means you can encourage a love of creepy crawlies in kids, while doing your best to care for your flowers and vegetables organically too. If you’re just starting to build your veggie plot or allotment, explore our selection of gourmet heirloom non-GMO seeds. If you’re short of space, grow your salad flowers or herbs in a pot or planter! Don't forget to use only the most beautiful handcrafted garden essentials and tools while planting. Your garden and outdoor spaces will seem all the most beautiful when you’re doing all you can for the local plants and wildlife.