Eco-Friendly Garden Essentials

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  1. Traidcraft Gardening Gloves L
    Traidcraft Gardening Gloves L
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  2. Traidcraft Gardening Gloves M
    Traidcraft Gardening Gloves M
    As low as £5.50 £4.58
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There’s something wonderful about making things grow. We spend so much time making our gardens beautiful, so shouldn’t our gardening tools and equipment be beautiful too?

Explore Traidcraft’s range of garden essentials to find your new trusty gardening tools. From kneeling mats and hardwearing gardening gloves made from eco-friendly materials to handmade pruning tools and forks, you can accessorise your gardening attire as easily as your wardrobe! Every single gardening tool or accessory has been handcrafted by a traditional artisan. How about a hand-painted trowel and fork set to match your handmade pots and planters? While you’re dealing with the weeds, don’t forget to think look after your pot plants and wildlife – at every time of year. You’ll be a garden and outdoor enthusiast before you know it.