Heart Cinnamon Bark Tealight Holder

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This all-natural and eco-friendly tea light holder is a source of twinkling light and an aroma diffuser all in one. Sustainably sourced cinnamon bark has been punched with holes tracing the edge of a heart shape. When a tea light inside is lit, the flame lights up the cut out design and heats the bark, releasing the aroma of authentic cinnamon. It's just the cosy scent you need after a long and tiring day. Close your eyes, and enjoy.

This product is produced by...

Mai Handicrafts

Mai Handicrafts started as a way to share training and ideas with women and ethnic minorities in Southern Vietnam, and since then it’s become the main source of empowerment and self-reliance to disadvantaged (and extremely skilled) local women.

Products are crafted from recycled materials, and share with the world a hint or two to Vietnam’s colourful but hidden culture. When you clutch an item from Mai Handicrafts, you’re literally holding a piece of history in the palm of your hand.

Size: H13 x 8.75cm base dia