Hand Painted Kashmiri Baubles

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A set of 4 hand painted baubles, crafted from start to finish by artisans at a fair trade cooperative in India. Firstly, a papier mache base is formed, and then painted with flamboyant layers of florals and leaves with a fine tipped brush. Lacquerware of this type is a traditional skill in Kashmir, and the layer of glossy lacquer results in a smooth and shiny surface that’s robust, waterproof, and wonderfully tactile.

Hang these handmade baubles on your Christmas tree or anywhere you feel the creative urge. Suspend them on long threads from a curtain rail for a contemporary Christmas look you can appreciate from inside or outside!

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Sasha has been working with artisans and craft communities in Kolkata since 1978. They put the artisan at the forefront of everything they do, and seek to perfect the art of giving – offering craft communities hope for a future, and presenting to the world an eclectic range of handmade treasures, each of them made with the dextrous fingers of a gifted artisan.


Set of 4. Dia. 6cm. Christmas decoration, not a toy.