Hand Painted Garden Tools

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Set of 2 hand painted garden tools, made to see you through a lifetime of summers. And winters. And springs! So many gardening tools are mass produced and dull. Shouldn’t the tools you use be as beautiful as the garden you’re growing?

This set includes 1 gardening fork and 1 gardening trowel, made from shiny aluminium. Each bright red handle has been hand painted with traditional flower motifs in green, pink, and yellow. Each handle also has a little hanging cord attached so you can appreciate their original artwork even when you’re not using them.

This product is produced by...

Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark has been supporting and empowering talented artisans since the year 2000. They’ve taken on a multi-talented crowd of paper crafters, wood carvers, metal workers, skilled and dextrous painters… And this is only the beginning. Noah’s Ark is a hugely expanding NGO – and are constantly on the look-out for new craft techniques to develop.


Set of 2. L26.5cm