Guatemalan Handmade Worry Doll

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If you know somebody who could do with having some of the weight taken off their shoulders, this worry doll is a lovely gesture, and a good way of letting someone know you’re thinking of them. 
Made by hand from colourful wool and textile leftovers, these dolls are dressed in traditional clothing and are small enough to carry around when you need them most.  
The story goes that a Mayan princess named Lxmucane received a special gift from the sun god, which would allow her to solve any problem that a human could possibly worry about. The gift, a doll, was to be hidden under her pillow after she had told it her sorrows, fears and worries. The next morning, all of her worries had been take away by the doll as she slept.

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Namaste are dedicated to sourcing beautiful fairly traded products from the far corners of the world, embracing traditional artisan skills. Ensuring products where possible are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable and recycled materials.

  • 1 worry doll per order
  • Assorted colours

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