Zaytoun Tree Planting Olive Oil Tube Gift

Zaytoun Tree Planting Olive Oil Tube Gift

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The average person in the UK uses 6 tonnes of carbon each year, which is way above the world average of 1.4 tonnes. One way we can offset our carbon output is to plant trees – but, if you haven’t got enough room in your garden for a tree of your own, why not invest in an olive tree sapling in Palestine, to call your own? 
This wonderfully symbolic gift will not only pay to plant an olive tree in Palestine, but will also give the receiver a Zaytoun-stamped certificate of proof, as well as a 500ml bottle of Fairtrade and organic extra virgin olive oil as a thank you. This best-selling olive oil has been made from hand-picked and rain-fed olives, and boasts a warm, peppery taste, perfect for drizzling over salads. 
Coming in a fantastic presentation box, this thoughtful gift will not only delight the receiver, but will benefit the planet, too.

  • Perfect gift.
  • Inlcudes 500ml bottle of Fairtrade Olive Oil.
  • Includes a Olive tree sapling to be planted in Palestine & comes with Zaytoun-stamped certificate. 
  • Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives

Fair Trade Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Volume: 500ml

Ingredients: Olive Oil (100%)

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Store away from heat and light

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From the home of the olive tree, Zaytoun found its feet in 2004 as a community interest company, providing support to reams of olive growers in Palestine. Zaytoun sprung from a love of good food – and was initially funded by hundreds of olive oil enthusiasts who gave advance payments for an ethical, wholesome, and artisanal oil that’d offer them that feel-good feeling when splashing it on a salad, or making food for their loved ones.

Zaytoun has expanded massively since then, and now prides itself on building real, living connections between countless Palestinian olive growers and the foodies who know good quality when they taste it.