Traidcraft Rich Roast Coffee & Mint Dark Chocolate Gift Box Set

Traidcraft Rich Roast Coffee & Mint Dark Chocolate Gift Box Set

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We pride ourselves in continually supplying you with new and exciting fair trade products to not just taste, but to experience. This is why we asked our very own, Q Arabica Graded coffee consultant to pair our coffees with our chocolate, to help us deliver the ultimate taste experience to our customers. 

Our rich and full-bodied ground coffee blend has been expertly paired with our Organic Mint Dark Chocolate. Traidcraft’s Rich Roast Coffee has been expertly blended from hand-picked Arabica and Robusta beans from Tanzania and Nicaragua – the result is a lovingly crafted dark and confident ground coffee with deep, spicy undertones.  
To accompany, we find the rich and intense Organic Dark Chocolate Mint Cream really hits the spot. So much love and care has gone into every bar – the cocoa based ingredients are blended together for hours (a process called ‘conching') to create the smoothest and most impressive melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

You'll never find any emulsifiers, cheap oils, or artificial colours or preservatives in this chocolate. Put simply – it's the most wholesome chocolate you'll find. It's even produced in balance with the environment, as the paper and plant-based packaging is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Give it back to the earth when you're done. The Organic cocoa that goes into this sweet treat has been harvested by skilled local farmers from Fairtrade co-operatives in Peru, Bolivia, and the Dominican Republic, and the income they earn supports their families and local communities. 


This luxury Chocolate & Coffee Gift set includes;

Traidcraft Rich Roast Ground Coffee

Traidcraft Organic Dark Mint Chocolate

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Traidcraft has been pioneering fair trade since 1979 and our Traidcraft food brand is based on a vision of changing lives through trade.

The Traidcraft branded range of fair trade food and drink covers a broad spectrum of categories: from quality tea and coffee, through to delicious organic chocolate and everyday baking essentials.