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  1. Chilli & Garlic Beer Bread (450g)
    Chilli & Garlic Beer Bread (450g)
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Happy Father’s Day! Explore Traidcraft’s collection of handmade gifts for Father’s Day! We’ve travelled the world to seek out our unique range of Father’s Day gift ideas for dads, uncles, grandads, stepdads, and everyone in between! Need a truly awe-inspiring gift for him? You’ve come to the right place.

Our range of Father’s Day gifts includes creative gift ideas for everyone, even the man who has everything! From outdoor
gardening gifts, gifts for wine lovers and gifts for amateur chefs, to delicious fair trade food gifts that everyone can enjoy. Or how about a one-of-a-kind handmade gift, crafted by a traditional artisan who still practices the skills passed down in his or her community for thousands of years? Add a few pairs of mens eco-friendly and handmade socks to his Father’s Day presents for a gift he can remember wherever he goes. If you’re still stuck for the perfect idea for an ethical gift, how about a charity gift to really show you care?

Our Father’s Day gifts are gifts for life, handcrafted by artisans and harvested by traditional growers around the world. These are gifts he’ll be telling stories about, for years to come. Don’t forget to pick up some
fair trade gift wrap and accessories while you’re stopping by, and a hand-written handmade card to finish your ethical Father’s Day gift perfectly.