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  1. Chocolate Chip Beer Biscuits (450g)
    Chocolate Chip Beer Biscuits (450g)
    As low as £3.49 £3.49
  2. Garlic & Herb Beer Bread (450g)
    Garlic & Herb Beer Bread (450g)
    As low as £3.49 £3.49
  3. Olive & Rosemary Beer Bread (450g)
    Olive & Rosemary Beer Bread (450g)
    As low as £3.49 £3.49
  4. Chilli & Garlic Beer Bread (450g)
    Chilli & Garlic Beer Bread (450g)
    As low as £3.49 £3.49
  5. Ma’s Organic Korma Curry (110g)
    Ma’s Organic Korma Curry (110g)
    As low as £3.79 £3.79
  6. Traidcraft Organic Raspberry Jam (340g)
    Traidcraft Organic Raspberry Jam (340g)
    As low as £4.00 £3.33
  7. Traidcraft Organic Orange Marmalade (340g)
    Traidcraft Organic Orange Marmalade (340g)
    As low as £3.20 £3.20
  8. Zaytoun Unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)
    Zaytoun Unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)
    As low as £14.50 £12.08
  9. Traidcraft Organic Fusilli Pasta (500g)
    Traidcraft Organic Fusilli Pasta (500g)
    As low as £2.80 £2.80
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Get ready to stock up on your ethical grocery shop from our fair trade store cupboard at Traidcraft. We’ve sourced the finest fair trade and organic food and sustainably-sourced ingredients from traditional growers, farming co-operatives, and best ethical food brands from around the world. It’s never been easier to stack your shelves with ethical essentials – all available online and from one place. Get ready to feel good inside and out!

Our range of store cupboard essentials includes everything you might need to do an ethical and sustainable grocery shop. From breakfast cereals, muesli, and granola to fair trade and organic jams and spreads – we’ve got the first meal of the day sorted. Don’t forget your fair trade tea and coffee to start the morning the right way.

Follow up breakfast with a lunch and dinner made from our range of ethical ingredients. From Palestinian organic cooking oils from Zaytoun to our selection of fair trade pasta, rice, and grains, our fair trade store cupboard is bursting with world-inspired ingredients worthy of your most eclectic recipe ideas. Bon appetite!