Fair Trade Chocolate

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  1. Divine Chocolate Tasting Set (180g)
    Divine Chocolate Tasting Set (180g)
    As low as £7.49 £6.24
  2. Traidcraft Organic Muscovado White Chocolate (100g)
    Traidcraft Organic Muscovado White Chocolate (100g)
    As low as £2.75 £2.29
  3. Traidcraft Organic Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts (100g)
    Traidcraft Organic Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts (100g)
    As low as £3.00 £2.50
  4. Fairtrade organic dark chocolate with mint cream from Traidcraft
    Traidcraft Organic Dark Chocolate Mint Cream (100g)
    As low as £2.75 £2.29
  5. FairTrade Organic Milk Chocolate from Traidcraft
    Traidcraft Organic Milk Chocolate (100g)
    As low as £2.75 £2.29
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Treat yourself the fairer way, with the range of fair trade chocolate available to buy online at Traidcraft. Whether you’re looking for milk, white, dark or flavoured, we’ve got a fair trade chocolate bar to suit all tastes.

You’ll be reassured to know the cocoa that goes into our own brand fair trade chocolate, as well as Divine and Eat Your Hat’s fair trade chocolate, has been sourced ethically and sustainably from smallholders around the world. Our fair trade chocolate supply chains are fairer than fair; these smallholders receive a fair payment for their cocoa, helping them to live with dignity and provide for their families and communities.

Not only does Traidcraft’s fair trade chocolate look after the people throughout the supply chain, but it looks after the planet too. Did you know that if you remove the red tear strip from your fair trade chocolate, the inner packaging is completely compostable? The outer packaging is recyclable, too!

If you like the sound of our fair trade chocolate, why not browse the range available to buy online today? Remember, buying a case of fair trade chocolate will save you at least 10% - even more reason to stock up and always have a chocolate bar in the cupboard to accompany a cup of fair trade tea.