Felt Ball Christmas Tree

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This quirky table top Christmas tree is the ideal size to fit a desk, coffee table, or windowsill. Each funky coloured ball has been felted from 100% wool by artisans in Nepal. It’s an eco-friendly alternative to plastic Christmas trees that is totally natural, biodegradable, made from renewable resources, and is created in balance with the earth by using traditional felt-working methods.

This alternative Christmas tree is also a symbol of hope for the women in Nepal who craft them. These talented and crafty women use the money they earn to provide a future for their families.

This product is produced by...

Get Paper Industries

Get Paper Industries (GPI) was set up in 1985, and has since changed the lives of hundreds of Nepalese locals. More than 500 people have secured creative employment, and GPI even offers 1000 scholarships a year to help girls from poor communities to attend school.

GPI transforms waste materials like scrap paper, cotton rags, and agricultural waste like banana fibre and water hyacinth into beautifully textured paper. The whole production process is completely eco-friendly and the artists even dry the reams of handmade paper naturally, resting it in the sunlight.



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