Kitenge Traditional African Fabric Lined Shopping Bags

Kitenge Traditional African Fabric Lined Shopping Bags

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Produced By: Mama Mzungu Find Out More

Ditch single-use shopping bags and invest in a substantial and sustainable bag that will last you time and time again. Crafted from traditional African cotton and dyed in a variety of designs, patterns and colours, this bold and beautiful shopping bag is sure to get you noticed.

But it’s not simply the eye-catching designs and practical design that make this bag really stand out. Made in Uganda by women in Uganda who suffer from Albinism, these ethical shopping bags help those affected by Albinism by offering full-time employment in a safe place to work, aiding economic empowerment and self-reliance.

  • 38 x 41 x 3cm
  • Matching fabric handles
  • Colours and designs vary

This product is produced by...

Mama Mzungu

Mama Mzungu: Fighting for those affected by Albinism in Uganda Across parts of Africa, due to societal ignorance about people with Albinism, many affected experience exclusion, stigmatization and the denial of basic rights such as education and health. Broad ignorance, misbeliefs and superstitions also endanger people with Albinism’s lives. In everyday life, those affected by Albinism, particularly as women and children, are frequently treated less than human and are not considered capable of amounting to anything.