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Minimum Order Value

We have recently introduced a minimum order value of £15. As transparency is one of our key values here at Traidcraft, let us explain why.

The minimum order value means we can work smarter; our Warehouse Team, who are paid the National Living Wage, pick and pack hundreds of orders per day. After all overheads are taken into account, including wages, orders must be greater than £15 to be commercially viable. If it’s under £15, we lose money. We hope that this explains the thinking behind our decision. If that’s not an excuse to pop an extra chocolate bar into your basket, then we don’t know what is!


What are your opening hours?

Feel free to shop online at any time of the day or night! If you need to call us, our HQ open times are:

Monday - Friday 10am – 4.30pm

Please note: On Wednesdays we're open 11am - 5pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Tel: 0191 491 0855

Can I add to my order after it's been placed?

Unfortunately we're unable to make additions to your order after it's been placed. If you decide you want to order more of our products that's wonderful, but you will need to place another order.

I'm having trouble with your website! What can I do?

In order to have the best browsing experience at Traidcraftshop and many other websites, we recommend running the latest browser on your machines. New browser releases are also there to protect you and keep you safe online. The links below will take you through a quick and easy process to make sure you are up to date, just chose the link that is most relevant to your computer and browser.

Could you send me a catalogue?

We'd love to. Fill in your details and we'll send our next seasonal catalogue your way!

How do your clothes fit?

Details and size guides are on each individual product. If any sizing information is missing, please let us know!


How can I stock your products in my shop?

If you’re interested in selling our fair trade food and drink, handcrafted homeware, or eco home products in your shop, you can find out more about opening a Trade Account here

If you’d like to get involved by selling our products in a church or community setting, you can find out more about buying fair trade for your community here

What resources are available to support me in selling your products?

We have a range of resources that may be useful to you if you're selling in your shop or community. Take a look at our resources here

How do paying-in books work for Fairtraders?

If you aren't already using our quick and easy 'pay now' button on your invoices, our paying-in books are the smarter way to efficiently get your payments to us. Paying-in books involve you having your own book full of paying-in slips with your unique serial number printed on each slip. Simply take your cash and/or cheques to your local Post Office or HSBC branch to deposit your money and slip. Apart from saving time and money, this method of payment also looks after the planet by using less paper! 

To get your paying-in book for the first time, please email and we will arrange two paying-in books with the same unique serial number to be sent out to you straight away. To reorder a replacement when required, email us on the same email address and we will request a reprint through our bank (HSBC) and get them sent out to you as soon as possible (with a lead time of approx. two working weeks).

How quickly can I expect my delivery?

Head to our Delivery & Returns policy for all of the details.


Can I return products?

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchases, and what's more so do the crafts people who have made them. Head to our Delivery & Returns policy for everything you need to know.

Are Traidcraft Still Trading?
Yes! After the toughest months in our history, towards the end of 2018, it was announced that Traidcraft would cease trading, after honouring all outstanding commitments with producers. However, we are one of the founding members of the Fairtrade Foundation, known for our innovation in pioneering the field of fair trade - which is why it was with great delight that in January 2019, we announced that we would be continuing to trade, fighting social, trade and environmental injusice.

"We were trying to cover too many bases in an ever more competitive world, and had to face the fact that a business model which worked 40 years ago, may not be so relevant in the 21st century. But, once we knew what we had to do, and once we felt the surge of support from so many of you, the ride was easier to negotiate" - Robin Roth, former CEO.
You can read more about Traidcraft's decision to continue trading and restructure here.

Our products

How do you select product for your collections?

When we’re looking for a new product we take into account a huge range of factors. Firstly, we’re looking for an ethical source, of course. But we’re also looking for excellent designs, excellent quality craftsmanship, and a price that will work for both the supplier and shoppers here in the UK. We research upcoming trends in the specific market, regardless of whether it’s food, homeware, gifts, or fashion, and investigate previous sales performance of similar products and feedback from the public to make sure that the item is what people want. Once all of this has been worked through, we should have a wonderful product that’s ethically made, fair trade, stylish, and desirable.

How do you know that all your suppliers adhere to fair trade principles?

We’ve been collaborating with most of our suppliers for many years, and we feel like we know them through and through. But still – it’s important to take a step back and regularly check that both Traidcraft and our suppliers keep adhering to fair trade principles. This verification is provided by the process of Fairtrade certification (mostly our food and drink items) or WFTO membership (this relates mostly to our handmade items). When we work with newer suppliers we always ask them to provide documented evidence of their adherence to fair trade principles, and we ask all of our direct suppliers (new and old) to check they comply with our fair trade principles on a rolling basis.

You can read about the individual artisan groups who make and grow our products on each product page. Just flick to the story tab!

How much do the artisans get paid?

This varies from product to product, and the whole process is tailored – never generalised. The fair trade partners we buy from work with their artisans to understand the cost of making a product, the expenses they incur along the way, and then calculate fair wage rates from this. This means that everyone is paid what they should be being paid, and are given the full attention they deserve.

Why do you sell products made from leather and silk?

We see the heritage in these materials. They’ve been used for centuries by artisans to support their livelihoods and their families. Their inherited skills are centred on the crafting of leather and silk, and there’s a huge market for these sorts of products in the UK. People might choose leather and silk because they’re natural, tactile, or because they can last for decades. Accessories made with these materials can become heirloom items, keeping memories alive while fighting against a world of fast-fashion and mass-consumerism.

In stocking products made with silk and leather we’re connecting artisans to people that want what they’re making. All of our leather and silk products are ethically made, fair trade, and have been crafted by human hands.

Are any of your products tested on animals?

Nope. Whenever we look to stock a new cosmetic, we make sure that it’s ethically sourced, never tested on animals, and that it’s made by hand too. We do these checks with every cosmetic we consider, so you can be sure that whichever balm, cream, or lotion you’re using is as ethically made as can be.

Where might I find nutritional information on your food and drink?

Regulation requires food companies in the EU to provide clear, comprehensible and legible food information, in areas such as allergens, nutrition, origin and storage. You can find this information in the details tab on each product page, or if you have a really specific question, feel free to call our Customer Experience Team on 0191 491 0855.

Does Traidcraft actively campaign on fair trade issues?

Yes! You can read about our pioneering efforts on Our Story page.

What do your product roundels mean?

We're glad you asked! Discover all about our product roundels here. 

Other important information... 

A little bit of extra pricing and product Information…

All prices include VAT, where applicable, and are charged at the current rates. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. The latest information and prices will be shown online.
We have taken every care to describe and photograph items as accurately as possible but due to the handmade and delicate nature of products, slight variations may occur (ensuring your product is truly one of a kind!).
In accordance with the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, knives and similar objects may only be supplied to those over 18. By purchasing any such item you are declaring you are over 18.

What is your privacy Policy?

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What is your cookie policy?

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What are the Terms of Sale?

You can read our Terms of Sale policy here.

What are the Terms of Use?

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