Short Shelf Life Eat Your Hat Ultimate Gift Set - Coffee & Chocolate

Short Shelf Life Eat Your Hat Ultimate Gift Set - Coffee & Chocolate
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The perfect gift for coffee-fans, chocolate connoisseurs, or ethical foodies, this Eat Your Hat Ultimate Gift Set contains three bags of premium organic speciality coffee and seven bars of organic chocolate, all snugly packed in a rustic wooden presentation case. All coffees and chocolate are fair trade, sustainable, organic, and sourced from ethical co-operatives and farming groups around the world. From the expert cocoa growers of São Tomé island to the women who hand-harvest coffee at the Asociación de Productoras Libres de Marcala (APROLMA) co-operative in west Honduras – only coffee and cocoa grown by the most ethical growers goes into Eat Your Hat’s ethical edibles.

This luxury coffee and chocolate gift box includes Eat Your Hat’s three organic single origin coffees: Honduras ground (a light roast single origin coffee with hints of zesty citrus, rich cocoa, and juicy berries), Sumatra ground (a medium roast with hints of warming spice, rich cocoa, and juicy raisins), and Uganda ground (a light roast with hints of fresh grape, juicy pear, and creamy cashew). This ultimate gift set also contains all seven of Eat Your Hat’s chocolate tablets, including: 38% milk chocolate, 95% dark chocolate, 70% dark chocolate, dark chocolate with turmeric & black pepper, dark chocolate with Brazilian mandarin, milk chocolate with South African sea salt, milk chocolate with Sri Lankan cardamom.

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Eat Your Hat

Eat Your Hat cooks up incomparably delicious things from ethical ingredients that make people and the earth happier. Every bite is fairer than fair, sustainably grown, organic, and transforms lives around the planet. It’s real food wizardry.

Impossible you cry? Eat Your Hat!

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