Eat Your Hat Dark Chocolate Library - Volume 3

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Join Detective Cocoa on his mission to uncover the dark truths at the heart of trade with Eat Your Hat's latest chocolate library — 'A Mysteriously Dark Chocolate Incident.' Prepare your senses for the adventure of a lifetime, as they get ready to indulge in decadent 70% dark chocolate, dark chocolate infused with Brazilian mandarins, and dark chocolate blended with Fairtrade turmeric and black pepper.

This chocolate library from Eat Your Hat is the perfect gift for a true chocolate connoisseur. The collection contains Eat Your Hat's 3 delectably dark chocolate tablets. Every chocolate slab is fairer than fair, organic, eco-friendly, completely sustainable and utterly delicious — all at once. No nasty GMOs, artificial colours or preservatives. This is chocolate that changes lives, saves the earth, and elevates everyone it meets along the way.

'Impossible!' You cry? Prepare to Eat Your Hat.

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Eat Your Hat

Eat Your Hat cooks up incomparably delicious things from ethical ingredients that make people and the earth happier. Every bite is fairer than fair, sustainably grown, organic, and transforms lives around the planet. It’s real food wizardry.

Impossible you cry? Eat Your Hat!


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