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  1. Divine Cocoa (125g)
    Divine Cocoa (125g)
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Made from 100% fair trade cocoa, our fair trade hot chocolate is some of the best tasting drinking chocolate available. All made using sustainable, fair trade ingredients, you will be able to select from Traidcraft's own fair trade hot chocolate, along with brands such as Divine Chocolate fair trade cocoa.

Similar to our fair trade chocolate, Traidcraft source only the finest organic cocoa from producers in developing countries. Our fair trade cocoa comes from Fundopol in the Dominican Republic and Divine chocolate sources their cocoa from Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana.

Benefits of buying fair trade hot chocolate and cocoa

Cocoa is one of the world’s most highly traded and valuable commodities, enjoyed in both chocolate bars and drinking chocolate. Unfortunately for the local cocoa farmers, the industry they work in is not very stable, making it hard for them to support both themselves and their families.

By buying fair trade hot chocolate, you’re ensuring a fair price for the people who produce the products, allowing them to support their families and re-invest into their communities and businesses. 

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