Fair Trade Fruit Juice

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Reach for a thirst-quenching fair trade fruit juice from Traidcraft! We’ve sourced a select range of thirst-quenching fair trade fruit juices and fruit juice cartons from Calypso, a company who’ve been creating iconic juicy fruit drinks for over 120 years. This whole time they’ve stuck to being a small, family-owned business that puts lives and fair trade ethics first, and they’ll be the first to say that this will absolutely never change. Calypso's mini cartons of fair trade fruit juice are just the right size for lunchboxes, little bags, or for popping into a coat pocket. They're not just for kids, they're for everyone! Take one to enjoy while walking the dog, doing the weekly shop, or for the long commute to work. They make a brilliant addition to a fair trade breakfast too, so don't forget to pick up some fair trade breakfast cereal and jams and spreads for your toast while you're shopping!

Choose between zesty apple juice or refreshing orange juice, squeezed from oranges grown on small independent farms in Brazil. The juice in one carton counts as one of your 5 a day, and it’s such an easy one to achieve. Both juices are fully fair trade, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and lovingly crafted by a company that is as eco-friendly as it is people-focused.

Here at Traidcraft we sell an extensive range of fair trade food and drink so be sure to browse our entire stock list today.