Double Zip Purse

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Many occasions in our lives don't warrant us taking our huge, cumbersome purses out with us, which are exactly the times you'd reach for this compact and robust coin purse. Ideal for lighter days, where you may only need a few coins, notes and a bank card, it's the perfect gift for adults and children alike!

These beautiful gifts are made from a sturdy, woven fabric called Gheri, produced using an age-old weaving technique on backstrap looms. As each purse is hand woven with skill and care, colours of the fabric may slightly vary, but this means that you are guaranteed to have a truly unique purse!

Please be aware you will receive one individual purse and unfortunately, you won't be able to choose which colour you receive - it'll simply be a pleasant surprise!

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Namaste are dedicated to sourcing beautiful fairly traded products from the far corners of the world, embracing traditional artisan skills. Ensuring products where possible are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable and recycled materials.

  • 13x11cm
  • Purchased individually, colours vary.
  • Handmade in Nepal