Divine Milk Chocolate Hearts 80g SINGLE

Divine Milk Chocolate Hearts 80g SINGLE
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Divine Milk Chocolate Hearts 80g

Divine chocolate hearts are a thoughtful and tastey gift. Individual foil wrapped hearts. 70% dark, white and milk flavoured chocolate with strawberry flavours.

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Divine Chocolate

Welcome to the delicious world of Divine Chocolate! Lovingly made with skilfully harvested cocoa beans from Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of vibrant smallholder farmers in Ghana, it's heavenly fair trade chocolate and hot cocoa with a heart.

Divine is quite special, in that it’s the only Fairtrade certified chocolate company which is 44% owned by the cocoa farmers themselves. Whilst fair trade values mean that the farmers receive a better deal for their sought after cocoa, this part ownership of the company gives farmers a share of the profits too, as well as a stronger voice in the cocoa industry worldwide.


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