Cream Dinner Candles

Cream Dinner Candles
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These naturally cream dinner candles are what candles should be, in every way. Each one is crafted by hand at Wax Industri, a small factory in rural Indonesia where the majority of the workers are female, and they enjoy good working conditions, fair wages and free health care benefits. Made with 100% natural palm wax which contributes to the sustainable production of palm oil. The oil palm tree is an ancient and sustainable crop with a higher yield than any other oilseed crop. No artificial fertilisers or pesticides are necessary, and it's completely suitable for vegans. Palm wax also provides a clean, virtually dripless burn with minimum soot and smoke.

Hand pouring allows for the utmost attention to detail, giving a unique and premium candle with a pure cotton wick and solid colour wax. This pack of 4 taper dinner candles might be enough for your candelabra, or to place in single candle holders along the dinner table. Each candle lasts for around 8-9 hours, so there's plenty of time to enjoy your evening yet.

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Wax Industri

Wax Industri are focussed on simplicity. Based in Indonesia, they’re dedicated to crafting simply made candles which bring joy to lives through the purity of candlelight.

 An ethical company through and through, Wax Industri aren’t only advocates for fair trade – they stand for putting handmade at the forefront of the production line. Handmade means more hands, more artisans, less unemployment, and a happier village. Success!

Pack of 4. H22.5cm.


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