Five DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

At Traidcraft, we champion creativity. Explore our collections of gifts, fashion, jewellery, and homeware and you’ll quickly discover that all our pieces have a handmade twist. Even our range of fair trade food is traditionally grown and harvested by hand.

We know the best gifts last forever, as do the best stories. And what better story than a gift handmade with thought, care, and time-honoured traditions? We’ve curated our collection of handmade Christmas gifts to reflect a spectrum of skills from all around the world, and our selection of recycled gifts aren’t only handcrafted, they’re also made from materials with a history all their own.

But what if you want to put your own stamp on your Christmas gifts this year? Inspired by our own handmade Christmas gifts, why not complement that extra special present with something you’ve made yourself? Bring it on – our top five quick and simple DIY Christmas gift ideas!

Make Your Own Hamper DIY

This craft make is a bit of a cheat, though incredibly easy to personalise. Pick a basket or two and fill with treats of your choice. How about a beery basket, complete with a selection of craft beer, recycled glasses, and a handcrafted bottle opener? Or a cosy-night-in hamper, filled with cocoa, cookies, and warm hand-knitted socks?

Jar Up Some No-Bake Fair Trade Brownie Balls

If you’re not much of a kitchen maestro or there’s simply no time to bake, you can roll up some totally ethical brownie balls in no time at all. They’re squidgy, delicious, and totally portable. Stick some in a jar wrapped around with ribbon for an extra special gift.

What you need:

150g plain unsalted roasted peanuts

15 pitted Zaytoun Medjool dates

40g Divine cocoa powder

90g Divine baking chocolate

Simply smash the baking chocolate into chips and combine all the ingredients in a food processor. Pulse for a few minutes until smooth and roll into 14 or 15 balls. Roll each one in cocoa powder and tap off the extra cocoa. Et voila – no-bake fair trade brownie balls!

With thanks to Eat Healthy Eat Happy for the recipe!

Be Inspired By Embroidered Cards

Many of our handmade cards have been hand-embroidered by artisans at Swajan Handicrafts in Bangladesh. Each one is a little work of art, ready to be dropped in the post-box or immortalised in a frame.

Embroidering an accessory is a quick and easy way to personalise a gift – and all you need is a needle and thread! Embroider a name or little sketchy portrait on a scrap of fabric or card and stick it in a frame, or stitch some geometric lines or patterns onto a plain fabric brooch or handkerchief. With a wool needle and yarn, you can personalise knitted hats, mittens, and scarves too!

Bake A Fair Trade Tea Loaf

Got time to do some baking? Throw together some fair trade fruit and nuts, spices, and tea to create an easy-bake ethical loaf – ideal for sharing.

What you need:

250g fair trade mixed dried fruit

1 cup of Traidcraft everyday tea (warm, not hot)

1 tsp mixed spice

1 tbsp of Traidcraft Marmalade

115g Traidcraft brown sugar

225g flour

1 egg

Soak the mixed dried fruit in the tea overnight, and then mix in the morning with the rest of the ingredients. Drop into a lined and greased loaf time and bake on a low heat for 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours. If you have a fan oven, set the temperature to around 150 degrees.

With thanks to Ruth Wilson (one of our supporters) for the recipe!

Make Your Own Jam Jar Lantern

There’s been a bit of a renaissance with re-purposing old jars – and it’s not just hipsters who’ve been busy. After you’ve eaten a jar’s innards and soaked off the label you’re left with a vessel with a bright future ahead of it. Maybe you can funk up some winter cocktails by serving in a vintage jar, create some cottage chic styling by using as a quirky vase, complete with seasonal clippings, drop a tealight in the bottom for a modern DIY lantern.

Want to make it a bit more you? Tie some recycled sari twine around the outer rim for a flash of colour, or stick on some scrap lace trimmings for a vintage twist. Make your own stained-glass lantern by decoupaging bright tissue paper onto the outside of a jar. Drop in a little candle and enjoy the kaleidoscope of colour!

Explore our recycled gift ideas to find out more about the wonders of recycled glass, and to discover a world of beautiful pieces with their own story and history.

Feeling inspired? Explore our handmade Christmas gifts for more stimulating ideas. If you’re going for a handmade theme this year, don’t forget to pick up some handmade cards and gift wrap accessories!


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