Traidcraft Milk Chocolate Collection

Traidcraft Milk Chocolate Collection

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No matter whether you are looking to introduce someone to Fairtrade chocolate, or you’re simply indulging your own sweet tooth, this collection of three Traidcraft milk chocolate bars is well worth investing in. So much love and care has gone into every bar, and absolutely everyone throughout the supply chain has been paid fairly and in full. 
You won’t find any emulsifiers, cheap oils, or artificial colours or preservatives in our fair trade chocolate. Put simply – this is most wholesome milk chocolate you'll find. Each bar has been produced with the environment’s interests at heart, too, as the paper and plant-based packaging is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Add the compostable inner to your compost heap and give it back to the earth when you're done. Whether you share with friends or keep for yourself is completely up to you… 

Best Before: 28 Feb 2022

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Traidcraft has been pioneering fair trade since 1979 and our Traidcraft food brand is based on a vision of changing lives through trade.

The Traidcraft branded range of fair trade food and drink covers a broad spectrum of categories: from quality tea and coffee, through to delicious organic chocolate and everyday baking essentials.