Chamonix Bobble Beanie Hat

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Keep the heat in with these cable knit bobble hat, knitted in neutral tones and handmade with love from alpaca fibre. The main design is a twisted cable knit, the rim is ribbed to give the bobble hat a bit of stretch, and it's been finished with an alpaca fibre pompom on the top. It's lined with the softest pale grey fleece, to offer extra insulating power against the cold winter wind and snow. Alpaca's have evolved to withstand extreme temperatures in the Andean mountains over thousands of years, so if they can withstand the winter so can you!

The group of South American knitters who designed this handmade bobble hat have one main objective in mind - originality. They're exhilarated by the little twists and personal touches that only come from handmade clothing. After all, who wants to look the same as everyone else?

  • 100% wool outer with fleece lining
  • Dry clean only

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Pachamama are all about originality. At a time when high street fashion all looks the same, this collective of knitters want to help people everywhere express their individuality by wearing something a little different, made with love and soul, by real skilled hands. After all, the best things in life are still made by hand.

  • 100% wool outer with fleece lining
  • Dry clean only