Ceramic Eggs

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Set of 4 handmade ornamental ceramic eggs.

Each little egg has been hand painted with its own unique design by an artist in Bat Trang, Vietnam. Whether they're flowers, leaves, or dragonflies – each design will have the distinct flourishes of the artist that painted it. They’re genuine little pieces of original art, inked in vintage blue on a clean white base.

This product is produced by...

Craft Link

Craft Link is a Vietnamese not-for-profit organisation which helps traditional crafters to revive their culture, and improve their livelihoods through the production of handicrafts.

Vietnam is a vast treasure-trove of exclusive artistries, and Craft Aid works to connect these traditional artisans with people around the world. Anyone can become a link in the chain, whether you’re an artisan, a collector, or someone that shouts loud and clear the importance of saving these traditional skills. Together, we can all be connected.

  • Set of 4
  • H5.7cm