Cafedirect Kilimanjaro Ground Coffee (6x227g) CASE

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A bright and refreshing ground coffee from Cafédirect, grown on the fertile volcanic soils of Mount Kilimajaro. Here, the melting snow caps run into the mountain streams, feeding the coffee plants deep through the earth. This particular blend of ground coffee has been roasted more gently to allow the dance of flavours to truly develop.

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Simply put, Cafédirect are pioneers. They were the first mainstream coffee brand in the UK to wear the Fairtrade Mark, and since then have improved the lives of nearly 2 million people in 12 developing countries.

Cafédirect believe things that are made better, taste better, and so build strong, long-term relationships with over 40 producer groups across Latin America, Asia, and Africa. These relationships are about more than just coffee – Cafédirect reinvest at least a third of their profits back into the farming communities, so every sip you take is a step towards the future of a blooming coffee farm!

  • 6 x 227g packs - suitable for use in filter machines, percolators and cafetieres
  • Carries the FAIRTRADE Mark
  • Strength: No. 4 Dark

Ingredients: Coffee: 100% Arabica

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Store in an airtight container, either in a cool, dry place or in your freezer. Use within two weeks of opening.

Use one heaped dessert spoon of coffee per cup. For cafetieres add hot water (just off the boil) and stir. Let the flavours infuse for 3-5 minutes plunge and enjoy. If the heaped dessert spoon is too strong, just add more hot water and adjust the amount of coffee for next time.

Produce of Tanzania.

Best Before: 27 Nov 2020


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