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Dear friends,

I was reflecting over the Christmas break just how far we have come in the space of 12 months. 2019, while manic at times, was a year that brought hope to us all at Traidcraft.

Building on that platform, we set our sights on one single New Year’s resolution. Looking at our founders for inspiration, we want Traidcraft to create some good trouble. We want to challenge the status quo of business and continue to fight trade injustice, challenge existing norms of fair trade when needed and deliver a message of ‘people and planet’ as we seek to address environmental issues.

A full list of events and dates for the diary can be found on page 6 inside the Bulletin.

We are changing things up this time round. The events will run on a Saturday and will have more of a conference theme. With seminars from PLC, Traidcraft Exchange and others. You will of course be able to order from the new spring range, but as a bonus we will be bringing some sale items for you to take away on the day. Refreshments will be provided (tea, coffee, biscuits etc.), but you will need to bring your own lunch if you plan to stay for the whole day. Registration is now open, please find the links to register inside the Bulletin.

I hope we will see you at one of the events!

Happy fair trading,



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