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Dear friends,

Last month we reinstated Traidcraft Week. The aim was to give you a moment in the calendar to be able to highlight our work within your communities and to give you a fresh batch of resources to assist you. Thank you for all who have ordered or downloaded the Traidcraft Week pack. If you have not been able to mark Traidcraft Week this year, please don't worry. This year's theme celebrated our 40th anniversary, so you can use the pack at any point in the year and it will still be relevant.

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This month, I also got the opportunity to attend the BAFTS conference in Manchester. Jude and I represented Traidcraft at the event and held a chocolate tasting session (tough gig, I know!). I also got to share the journey we had been on the last six months or so. Almost every person in the room had a personal connection with Traidcraft, which had led them to delve deeper into the world of fair trade. It really reminded me of the awesome legacy and heritage we have and what a privilege it is to continually put the principles of fair trade into commercial practice and be able to keep the mission of Traidcraft going forward.

At the end of the month the invites and sign up for the thanksgiving service and AGM at Newcastle Cathedral will be available, giving you plenty of time to book travel and accommodate.

Thanks again and as ever, happy fair trading!



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July 2019


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