Blue Paisley Round Tablecloth

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This circular 100% Indian cotton tablecloth is a genuine piece of original art. Artisans at Sasha Handcrafts in India have screen printed a traditional blue paisley pattern onto cotton, rotating around a central swirling sun. The artisans pass the print roller between themselves, each time making sure that the paisley pattern is as crisp and as beautiful as it should be. Designed to last for years, this tablecloth is washable, hard-wearing, entirely natural, and is a piece of Indian handicraft history.

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Sasha has been working with artisans and craft communities in Kolkata since 1978. They put the artisan at the forefront of everything they do, and seek to perfect the art of giving – offering craft communities hope for a future, and presenting to the world an eclectic range of handmade treasures, each of them made with the dextrous fingers of a gifted artisan.


  • Made from 100% Indian Cotton
  • Dia. 150cm
  • Machine washable