What is Britain’s Favourite Chocolate?

What is Britain’s Favourite Chocolate?

Britain is certainly a nation of chocolate lovers. At the end of 2019, the UK was ranked fourth in the world for chocolate consumption, followed by America coming in at eighth. According to research, the typical Brit will munch around 11kg of chocolate each year. This is around 660,900 tonnes across the whole country. The British Heart Foundation revealed that the average British adult will indulge in 8,316 chocolate biscuits, 7,560 chocolate bars, 3,024 mugs of hot chocolate, 2,898 miniature chocolates, 2,268 slices of chocolate cake, and 126 Easter eggs in their life. Luckily for you, we provide more than enough types of chocolate to keep the UK satisfied!

Statistics from research group Mintel showed that 17 per cent of Brits enjoy chocolate four to six times a week, with nearly a quarter between the ages 25–34 eating chocolate daily, and only five per cent who never do.

Available in many different forms and flavours, you’d struggle to raid someone’s cupboard and not find a single chocolate-related item. But, which chocolate is Britain’s favourite?

The great chocolate debate
It’s time to answer the million-dollar question: what kind of chocolate is Britain’s most loved, and which regions have the best taste?
Whether you’re a classic milk chocolate fanatic or prefer indulging in something luxurious like honeycomb chocolate, we decided to find out once and for all. We collected Google search volumes to find out which type of chocolate people are thinking about and searching the most. We gathered data on average search interest and average monthly searches across two years from 2018 to 2020.

UK’s favourite chocolate

Chocolate popularity chart

With a rise in veganism in the UK over the last year, it’s not surprising to see dark chocolate rank higher than milk chocolate.

White chocolate was a lockdown favourite, with the most searches from 24th March, when lockdown began, to 7th July, when restrictions started to ease. This was followed by vanilla, strawberry, ruby, and raspberry. It seems that typically niche chocolate climbed sharply in the rankings, which could be down to bored shoppers exploring for excitement, be it through new and novelty flavours they wouldn’t typically buy. That and the fact that chocolate is the ultimate comfort food in times of crisis!

Regional breakdown of chocolate preferences graph

Baking was a popular hobby taken up by many across the nation during lockdown, and it seems that orange chocolate, white chocolate, and ruby chocolate were the most popular when baking. Check out more of our blog posts for some fair trade and organic baking recipes.

Everyone hates vanilla
Interestingly, dark chocolate was every UK region’s favourite chocolate and vanilla was the least favourite, showing that the country is united in our taste for the finer things. The North of England has a particular taste for white chocolate, whereas generally there are fluctuations between popularity in regions for orange, milk, strawberry, and ruby chocolate — flavours the country can’t seem to agree on.

Chocolate is certainly one of the UK’s favourite snacks, but which flavour is your favourite?

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Published at: 13-11-2020
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