Spotlight on VENT for Change: Sustainable Stationery with Style

When Kirsty, one of our buyers, brought samples of VENT's new sustainable stationery into our HQ... we dropped everything and flocked around her. You could hear the 'ooh's and 'ahh's from every corner the building, as we uncovered gorgeous notebooks, stylish sketchpads and the sleekest of pens and pencils. Alongside the company's eco-credentials, the range was a massive thumbs up from us!

If you, like we were, are intrigued by this sustainable stationery brand, here's everything you need to know about VENT for Change.

Who are VENT for Change?

VENT for Change is a Bristol-based stationery brand that supports children’s education projects worldwide, as well as having sustainability at the heart of every product they produce.

Proceeds from every single VENT product sold, go towards global education projects getting children back into school.

How it all began…

Back in 2014, environmental entrepreneur, Evan Lewis, purchased a run-down, ageing facility which made pencils from recycled CD cases. After a year and a half or making improvements to this facility, Evan and his team were producing an additional million pencils per year.

Evan, founder of VENT for Change, with a quote about his inspiration

At the same time, there was a string of devastating natural and man-made disasters effecting children worldwide, their educations in particular.

“Pencils are the most iconic educational tool going back centuries and I wanted to do something with them, something inspirational.” Evan Lewis, Founder of VENT for Change.

It was at this moment, Evan had his lightbulb moment – realising he had a potential one million spare pencils being produced each year. The sale of these pencils could go towards rebuilding schools, paying teachers and providing essential materials. Evan decided to sell his pencils and other stationery here in the UK, and from the proceeds, support existing education projects around the world, ensuring that children’s futures are brighter, and that they receive the education they deserve.

Evan also launched Share a Pencil Day, a global education awareness day for UK school children. His Ambassador for Change programme provides free pencils to charities and volunteers working overseas, meaning that pencils reach those who need them the mostm completely free of charge.

What makes VENT tick?

Make a mark. Make a change.

VENT’s motto is ‘sustainable stationery with style’; not only are they benefiting children’s educational projects around the world, but you can trust them to deliver high-quality, beautifully designed notebooks, sketchpads, pens and pencils, with the needs of the environment at the heart of every single product they produce.

From pencils made from CD cases to notebooks crafted from recycled leather, VENT constantly strive to create stylish stationery you’ll love and that positively impacts people and the planet.

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Published at: 08-06-2020
Tags: VENT Recycled Stationery