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In these funny times, I think we have all found a lot of joy in little things that we perhaps never blinked twice about before the world went into lockdown… For me, one of the joys I experience daily is GREAT food and drink. It has also remained important to me during times such as these that I don’t just buy the first things I see on shelf in the supermarket, and that I support local and/or ethical food and drink choices where possible.

Traidcraft as a website is relatively new for me, but since I received my first ‘essentials’ delivery, I must admit I can’t wait to place my next order and try some more new things! My first delivery included a number of items that get used daily in our household; the store cupboard essentials we never run out of! Here’s what I tired… and what I thought.

Transparency Coffee and what Ellie's Kitchen thought of it

Transparent Honduras and Sumatra Organic Ground Coffee – I’m pretty set in my way with coffee (aren’t we all?), but I was interested to try this. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than our usual ground coffee, but the rule breaking transparency on the front of the pack caught my attention. It’s pretty brave for a company to show exactly how much profit they make on something but knowing that everyone involved with making it benefits mutually would make paying a little more totally worth it! It’s stronger in its roast and really smooth. It also compliments the oat milk I use in my coffee and I love that it’s roasted here in the UK!

Traidcraft Earl Grey Tea – to me it’s important to have a selection of teas in the cupboard ready for when you fancy a cuppa with a slice of cake or for when you have visitors. Earl Grey is my usual choice, but it has to be good! These bags create a full-bodied brew which is also delicate and refreshing. Just how it should be! I can see why these bags have received a Great Taste Award!

Cafedirect Smooth Roast Instant Coffee – we always have instant coffee in the house. Not really for our morning cup but for a whole host of other things; baking, iced coffee, drop in visitors. So it’s important that our instant coffee tastes as good as a pot of freshly brewed ground coffee. This tastes great, it’s quite mild in flavour so I tend to use more than I usually would, but for convenience, it’s 10/10 from us!

Mexican Blossom Set Honey – Once you’ve tried good honey, I promise that you won’t go back to the squeezy stuff! I use honey in my tea, on my oats, in many of my bakes and this is now a favourite of mine! It’s ever so slightly spicy and strong in flavour, perfect for all uses.

Fruity Golden Granola – Usually we make our own granola BUT we always have a backup box in in case we run out of homemade or simply don’t have time to make more. I thought I would try this mix which is packed with dried fruit, seeds and almonds and I wasn’t disappointed! It was very tasty and 100% something I would keep in the house. TIP: try sprinkling this on top of muffins before you bake them for a crunchy twist!

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies – Just like with the granola, we always have a backup box of cookies in for when we don’t have a homemade bake to tuck into. I admittedly didn’t get to try these, my boyfriend demolished them before I got a chance… but I think that speaks for itself. His verdict? “good chocolate chunk ratio!”. It’s also worth a mention that they are vegan too, so can be enjoyed by almost everyone!

All of these items I would order again, not just because they are 10/10 for flavour but also because I know that growers and producers around the world have been paid fairly for their produce, which somehow makes them taste even better! I also love that many of these things can be bulk purchased in cases meaning that you have to place orders less frequently and can really pack your cupboards FULL of the essentials!

My next tries? Our cupboard is never without chocolate, so I think I will start there!

Food blogger Ellie's Kitchen reviews Traidcraft's range

NB: I was sent these items for review, but all thoughts are my own.


Published at: 07-08-2020
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