Traidcraft Shine the Spotlight on Just5's Mangoes and Cashews


Here at Traidcraft, we are loving the newly rebranded Just5 range of handy snack bars from Tropical Wholefoods! Bursting with Fairtrade, 100% Organic fruit and nuts, these nutritional powerhouses are the perfect pick-me-up, any time of the day.

Want to know more? Why not join us as we head to the source of some of the Fairtrade ingredients within these delicious new bars…

Map of mango and cashew producers in West Africa

Our friends at Tropical Wholefoods have been purchasing dried mangoes and cashews from Fairtrade supplier, Gebana Afrique in Burkina Faso, West Africa, for over a decade.

Gebana Afrique purchase Organic, Fairtrade, dried mangoes from 17 different rural cooperatives and associations in the South of Burkina Faso. Over this 10 year period, they have built fantastic relationships with the farmers and producers, the majority of whom are women, who have developed their Organic farming techniques and been able to live a higher quality of life than they would have ordinarily, due to the Fairtrade payment they receive for their goods.

A Mango producer and a quote about benefits of Fairtrade money

Each year, thousands of tonnes of fresh mangoes and cashews are processed in the local processing facilities; these are the mangoes which go into the Just5 Mango and Brazil Nut and Pineapple and Cashew bars, as well as Tropical Wholefoods’ Dried Mango and the sweet, moreish, and delightfully creamy Tropical Wholefoods Cashew Nuts.

Mangoes and cashews bring multiple benefits to the cooperatives.

  •  The fresh fruit farmers benefit from sales, the women doing the processing benefit from secure, paid employment. In addition, there is the Fairtrade social premium which benefits the whole community, as well as just the producers themselves.

  • Adult literacy, new water sources, bicycles and cereal banks are just some examples of what the social premium has been spent on by the cooperatives.

  • Since 2009, Comic Relief have funded a project under their Trade Programme to develop controlled biogas as an energy source for the mango drying in cooperatives. Using such energy improves the overall efficiency of mango drying technology, tackles mango pests, and reduces the use of wood as fuel in cashew processing.

Some images of the mango and cashew producers in West Africa

So, the next time you bite into a Just5 bar, or slip a dried mango into your baking recipe, think about the good it’s doing for the producers and communities you now know in West Africa!

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Published at: 15-02-2021
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