Our Great Taste Award Winners 2021

Great Taste is the world’s largest and most trusted food and drink award. Organised by the Guild of Fine Food, this award is the acknowledged benchmark for fine food and drink.

They put thousands of varieties of food or drink to the test each year, with a panel of over 500 experts blind tasting products, as well as straightforward and impartial feedback from chefs, buyers, food writers and retailers.

Winning a Great Taste Award is so important to us as it differentiates our products from the norm, and means that you, as the customer, have a guarantee that the products you are buying have a reliable and recognisable seal of approval, based simply upon their great taste.

We are delighted to announce that this year, we can add two new products to our Great Taste Award-winning range! Drum roll please…

Traidcraft Organic Fusilli Pasta

Award winning fusilli pasta

Here's what the judges had to say.

“Good looking pasta with excellent texture and a fabulous aroma. This is a very clean, well made pasta with an excellent flavour profile which would be a welcome vehicle for different sauces.” GTA Judge

“With provenance like that, it sounds impressive! The pasta is a lovely, traditional shape. There is a very pleasing grassy aroma from the quinoa. The spirals are lovely and think but still with a good bite. It would be great in salads as well as with any number of sauces. This is very well made pasta and we love the addition of the quinoa to add protein as well as an extra dimension to the flavour profile. You can almost taste its heritage! Good job.” – GTA Judge

Traidcraft Organic Mexican Blossom Set Honey 

Great Taste Award Winning Honey

Again, the judges were extremely complimentary with their comments about our honey.

“A really pretty, pale, iridescent set honey with a sticky, almost chewy, delightful texture. Mellow aromas of both bee and hive emanate. Subtle floral notes are backed up by a warm spicy flourish on the finish. A glucose chill leaves the palate tingling. Uncomplicated yet harmonious flavour notes.” – GTA Judge

“A beautiful colour honey, with a pleasantly smooth, but stiff creamed texture. A delightful floral, butterscotch flavour and a wonderful mouthfeel make this an absolutely delightful honey. A wonderfully balanced flavour and texture. Absolutely delicious.” - GTA Judge


Previous year’s winners include: Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Tea, Traidcraft Earl Grey, 
Traidcraft Decaffeinated Tea, Traidcraft Organic Peru Coyona Fresh Ground Coffee and Traidcraft Organic Ethiopia Oromiya Fresh Ground Coffee.


Great Taste Award Winners

Published at: 24-09-2021
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