Traidcraft's Eco-New Year's Resolutions

As the festivities grind to a halt, we’re turning our minds to our own eco-New Year’s resolutions here at Traidcraft HQ.

Whether you’re looking for some inspiration when considering your own New Year’s resolutions, or you’re simply interested to see what some of the Traidcraft team are hoping to achieve, have a read below.

Traidcraft's Sarah Aldridge discussing her New Year's resolution

Jo F: "I am aware that I shop too much and can be guilty of buying ‘stuff’ that I don’t need. Traidcraft’s Black Friday boycott really struck a chord with me. This sparked my New Year’s resolution for 2020: I aim to buy more sensibly, investing the right sort of products, rather than being sucked in by offers or cheaper products."

Robin: "My resolution is somehow to plant some trees somewhere, even if I have to do it illegally. We have been speaking to the owners of the local trading estate and they said they have a few acres of semi-industrial land that they might let us look after. If we get the go-ahead, I would love to physically plant 100 trees this year with my own hands…"

Sarah A: "This Christmas I tried to shop a lot more sustainably than previous years – a lot of the gifts I gave had been made from recycled or natural materials. Come 2020, I’m going to make it my mission to teach my seven-year-old daughter about single-use plastic and educate her about where her toys come from."

Traidcraft's Rio Beadie discussing her New Year's resolution

Sarah M:
 "In 2020 I’m going to try to home compost more. Ever since interviewing Guy Barter from RHS for Traidcraft’s article on home composting, I’ve felt compelled to turn my household waste into something useful. I’ve currently got my compost bins in situ in my garden and am going to make sure that I home compost throughout 2020."

 "In 2020, I plan to use my bike a lot more for shorter journeys. I live nine miles away from Traidcraft HQ, so, once I get my confidence up doing shorter journeys, I hope to cycle into work and back. Watch this space!"

Eve: "My New Year’s resolution is to reduce my meat intake, with the environment in mind. I’m going to start with meat-free Mondays and see how I get on, then hopefully continue to reduce my intake week by week."

Matt: "
I am determined to reduce my business mileage by half this year, but to see more Fairtraders than ever. So, I will be holding regular webinars / video conferences rather than travelling and when I do travel, I will be taking public transport whenever possible. If I have to take a car, then I want to try to make sure I am not the only one in the vehicle.

I also know I need to eat less meat, but can’t go fully veggie (sorry!). I pledge to try to only eat organic meat, local to the location I’m in, and go vegetarian when I can not tell."

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to use less plastic, shop organic or simply to purchase with a little more conscience, Traidcraft is the everyday activist’s one stop shop, providing small changes which make a huge difference.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

Published at: 18-12-2019
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