Traidcraft Prayer


Many of you know I live quite far from our offices in Gateshead. During recent days I have been working from home while the majority of our team are doing overtime, to keep up with orders in the warehouse. I have to say there have been times when I have felt out on a limb and that I have not been of much use. Listening to many of you who have had your sales activities halted by this situation, you may be having similar thoughts.

A prayer from Matt Oliver of Traidcraft PLC

So, each day, I have committed some time to praying for our country and the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in. I also pray for my colleagues, for Traidcraft and our producers. I hope the prayer below might be an encouragement for you all. For activists like us, it’s good to remember that although we might not be doing what we would like to be doing, we can always be of use.

Peace, prayers and happy fair trading…

Traidcraft Prayer

Published at: 02-04-2020
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