Thought AW20: The Stories Behind the Collections

Thought’s exclusive prints have their own distinct narrative; their designers find inspiration in galleries, vintage archives and always in nature. To create this collection, Thought have delved into the hidden corners of women’s history for inspiration, looking to those who celebrated nature and created a legacy that can still be viewed and admired today. 

Join us as we celebrate the stories behind the collections...

Thought's Sun Gardens Clothing Collection
The story behind the collection…
The first form of photography, named the cyanotype, was pioneered in the 1840s by Anna Atkins. She is known as the world’s first female photographer, as well as the first person to publish a book of photographic images. Anna had a lifelong interest in plants and botany. She used the cyanotype process to record numerous seaweeds, algae and woodland plants that she discovered around her Kent home.

Vivid blue tones are created as a result of these images being exposed to sunlight – something that’s unique to this method of photography. For the Sun Gardens Collection, Thought reference these intense blues and the organic forms which Anna created through their prints, celebrating her contribution to art, science, and photography. The power of the sun is expressed through rich tones of mustard and gold, as Thought imagine Anna on her sunlit walks through gardens in search of specimens.

The White Garden Collection from Thought Clothing

The story behind the collection…

Unconventional, eccentric and charismatic, Vita Sackville West was part of the 1920s' Bloomsbury literary set. She spent much of her life at her country estate, named Sissinghurst, where she famously created a magical garden of ‘rooms’. Gardening was Vita’s passion and for The White Garden Collection, Thought borrow from her personal style and the famous White Garden ‘room’ she created.

Vita was known for her unconventional dress sense; pairing masculine, traditional country attire with feminine panache. Taking her lead, Thought reference 1920’s fashion along with a sense of contemporary, androgynous dressing. Masculine jackets worn over delicate printed midi dresses define the look. A combination of textures and an eclectic print handwriting reflect the country house interiors that Vita would have known.

The Paper Gardens Collection from Thought Clothing

The story behind the collection…
The Paper Gardens collection celebrates an extraordinary 18th Century English woman, Mary Delaney. She was born in 1700 and lived a full life in royal and aristocratic circles. At the age of 72, Mary began a remarkable artistic journey. She was inspired to create over 1,000 collages of plants in cut paper, all of which she painted and assembled with astonishing skill and botanical accuracy.

These works can still be viewed at the British Museum, where they are kept and displayed. Only two are shown at any one time to preserve their freshness. The delicate charm of these images inspired Thought to create this collection, as a celebration of Mary’s achievement.

Their choice of rich fabrications and colours echo the decadent royal courts that Mary would have known. Subtle styling details give a nod to the elaborate fashions of the time. To create balance and depth, Thought include more casual pieces in humble neutrals and fresh blues, perfect for cold winter days.

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Published at: 01-09-2020
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