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It’s no secret that clothing production is putting a huge strain on resources, with unsustainable denim one of the main offenders when it comes to consumption of water and water pollution. This is why our friends at Thought Clothing have stepped up, fighting this environmental injustice head on…

Introducing Thought jeans; your sustainable wardrobe staple. Designed to flatter every figure. Spun from Organic cotton. Made using 40% less energy and 75% less water compared to standard denim manufacturing. This is clean denim. 

Thought sustainable jeans

Firstly, let's take a look at standard denim production to see the environmental and ethical concerns at play.

Not sustainable denim production

A huge volume of water is used in the production of denim. Apart from cotton irrigation (which uses an estimated 44 trillion litres of water per year!), water is also used in the process of dyeing, bleaching, finishing and printing the denim.

During the process of growing the cotton, chemical pesticides and herbicides are used abundantly. These substances contaminate not only the soil, but the water too.

To create the ‘distressed’ look on some denim pieces, both pumice stones and the method of ‘sandblasting’ are used. As well as the sand, silica is also used in this process which is extremely harmful to workers. Pumice stones release large quantities of dust into the environment, further polluting water streams.

On the other hand, Thought jeans have people and the planet at the heart of their production.

Thought's sustainable denim production


Using rainforest technology and a rainwater collection system, Thought denim uses much less water than standard production. Thought only ever use Organic cotton, which eliminates the use of harmful chemicals that could otherwise be released into the water stream.

The use of laser technology reduces the number of steps in the process and increases the rate of production. O-zone technology is also used which means that water does not need to be heated prior to the bleaching process. The use of rainforest technology means less steam is required to heat the water.

No pumice or sand-blasting are used in the production of Thought denim. Instead, their factory has developed an ‘eco-stone’ which is made from polymers that can be recycled and used over and over again.


Thought vegan leather patches

If you'd like to shop the #denimkind range, or would simply like to know more, see Thought Women's Organic Cotton Jeans.

Published at: 30-07-2021
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