Spotlight on Bio-D: 100% Hypoallergenic, Vegan and Eco-Friendly Cleaning

At Traidcraft, we pride ourselves in being a sustainable and conscious shopper’s one stop shop – with all of your everyday eco-needs available to be delivered to your doorstep, at the click of a button. This is why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Bio-D, to offer a full range of their award-winning cleaning products, with customers and the environment at the very heart of all they do.

Who are Bio-D?
Bio-D are the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, hypoallergenic, vegan cleaning products. Independently owned, they create products that don’t cost the earth, in any sense. Using naturally derived and plant-based ingredients, Bio-D leave out any ingredients that could be harmful to both wildlife, humans and the planet. They also have complete traceability on every single ingredient that goes into their huge and diverse product range, meaning that they can guarantee they’re ethically and sustainably sourced. Plus, they make all their own products right here in the UK, in their factory in Hull, East Yorkshire.

The Bio-D team and a company quote

None of the raw, GM-free materials used by Bio-D have been tested on animals, and have been approved by The Vegan Society, Naturewatch Trust, BUAV and the World Wildlife Foundation. Likewise, all Bio-D products are free from added colour and are Paraben Free.

Bio-D’s uncompromising standards have been recognised with a number of awards over the years, including Best Green Business, Business Masters Small Business of the Year and Green Apple Environment Award, to name but a few. They are also proud to be registered with both Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society. Their fragrance-free laundry range is also endorsed by Allergy UK. To ensure their ingredients are ethically sourced, they have the Sedex accreditation and have a supplier approval process which ensures that all of their suppliers conform to the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Bio-D – How Did It All Begin?
Back in the 1980s, Bio-D founder, Michael Barwell, was working on commercial ships, cleaning and maintaining them. He found that it was tough work using the industrial cleaning products for which heavy-duty safety equipment, including a respirator, had to be worn. Michael looked into the ingredients which went into the heavy-duty cleaning products he was using and found that similar components were found in household cleaning products. As well as such ingredients filtering through into our rivers and oceans, affecting all wildlife coming into contact with them, many have also been tested on animals and can also be troublesome for many people with allergies or sensitive skin. All of these negative factors prompted Michael to look for naturally-derived alternatives which would clean just as well, without harming people or the environment… thus, in 1989, Bio-D was born.

From 1989 until the present day, Bio-D have been committed to using plant-based, natural ingredients in their cleaning products. They’re also aware that natural ingredients can be much more expensive than their chemical-rich counterparts, but believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between the planet and your pocket – which is why they make sure that their range is affordable, too.

Bio-D cleaning products and a quote about how eco-friendly they are

What Next for Bio-D?
As well as ensuring that all bottled packaging is 100% recyclable, Bio-D have introduced bottles made entirely from UK, post-consumer recycled plastics, that may otherwise have ended up in landfill; they aim to have 100% of their bottles made from this material by the end of 2019. Regarding the products which already use this recycled material, you might notice that this means their packaging has a slightly non-uniform shade, that changes depending on the make-up of different plastics that go into the mix – a quirk that we love!

Bio-D Product - FAQ
Bio-D are often asked about the difference between two of their most popular cleaning products, the Multi Surface Sanitiser and the All Purpose Sanitiser. Here, they’ve explained all...

Bio-D cleaning products and the differences between the two

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Published at: 18-11-2019
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