SeaCell™: Everything You Need to Know About this Sustainable Fabric

You may have spotted a T-shirt made from SeaCell™ in our spring 2021 offering and wondered what on earth that meant. Well, that’s where we come in - we’re here to tell you all about this new, sustainable material, and why it’s so good for people and planet. Brace yourselves...

What if we told you that the components which make up your favourite items of clothing didn’t have to involve farming or animals? What if they came from an abundant, sustainable resource, like seaweed? Yep, you read that right… seaweed. Welcome the innovative and progressive new fabric, SeaCell™. SeaCell™ is made from a brown algae called ascophyllum nodossum, also known as Knotted Wrack, which grows in the Icelandic Fjords.

Through a solvent-spinning process, cellulose is dissolved and mixed with washed and filtered seaweed, to create a sturdy yarn. This process locks in the beneficial properties of seaweed.


• The fabric absorbs bodily moisture faster than cotton.
• It’s wearable, breathable, absorbent, lightweight and soft.
• The end product is 100% biodegradable.
• Seaweed for use in SeaCell™ is collected by Smart-fiber AG (using a special machine with blades that do not cause any permanent damage). They harvest a batch of seaweed once every four years and cut it only above the regenerative part of the plant. This ensures that the seaweed isn't permanently damaged. Cutting the upper portion of the plant in this manner encourages the plant to sprout more.
• Seaweed in SeaCell™ is dried naturally and not subject to any chemical treatment, ensuring that the natural components of the plant are retained.
• Nutrients from the seaweed are retained in the fibre, including iron, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin E. 
• Since seaweed is renewable and the production method is extremely energy-efficient, this is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics around!

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Published at: 04-03-2021
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