Post-Black Friday Update from Traidcraft

At Traidcraft, we believe that the key to buying less, is buying right… investing in what is good, rather than chasing what is cheap. This is why this Black Friday, we actively rejected and objected to the mindless feeding frenzy of ridiculous discounts and sales.

Instead of slashing prices, encouraging our customers to buy more ‘stuff’ than they really need, we broke all the conventional rules, downing tools and heading out into our local community to address the injustices that we saw.

Many of you tuned into our live cam on the day, but for those who may have missed it - here’s a little update of how we got on!

Traidcraft Black Friday LIVE CAM Recap:

: Headed to Newcastle Cathedral armed with tea, coffee, juice, biscuits, hats and gloves, as well as essential toiletries bundles up into jute bags for the less fortunate in our area. Along with staff, family and friends’ donations, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of all of you! Your generous donations meant that we could fill over 100 bags and hand them out to the less fortunate this Black Friday!

Team Cathedral on Black Friday

Pictured above are some snaps of us at Traidcraft HQ, sorting through your generous donations and making up the male/female bags which were extremely well received. We even had enough toiletries and biscuits left over to donate to Shelter, for them to distribute amongst our local community well into the new year.

Team Garden on Black Friday

: Addressed environmental injustice at our HQ in Gateshead by tidying our vastly overgrown garden area. Luckily, the weather in the North East was on our side on Black Friday, as the sun shone over all of us working in the garden, all day! The garden team spent most of the day levelling the garden to create a good base for plans going forward; we were able to sieve out most of the rubble from the soil and get some filtered top soil which we have kept to use in the garden, once it reaches more of a finished state. We also upcycled a broken pallet from the warehouse and a damaged mail sack, and transformed them into a herb rack for the garden for all staff to use.

The idea for the future of the garden is to create a space where all members of the team can sit outside during warmer months, have lunch together and socialise. We will be adding extra picnic benches, raised beds for vegetables and even planting our very own mini orchard – starting with the three apple trees from our 40th anniversary service. The pebbles from our 40th anniversary service, with well wishes for Traidcraft written on, will also be featuring in the finished garden. We look forward to sharing our before and after pictures of the whole garden with you!

Traidcraft's upcycled wooden pallet, recycled into a herb rack

Team TIDY: Took to our own offices and gave them a thorough clean and restructure, addressing our own environment in create a positive working environment which reflects our culture. The warehouse which stores all of your favourites Fairtrade goodies was scrubbed from top to bottom, and many of our offices and communal spaces were tidied, cleaned and even repainted.

We are also working on creating a ‘safe space’ within our HQ, where any member of staff can go to have a quiet five minutes, to ensure that they are looking after their own mental wellbeing, amidst the stresses and tensions of working life.

Traidcraft's upcycled wooden pallet, recycled for all staff to use as a herb rack

We hope you enjoyed hearing all about our Black Friday boycott and that it perhaps made you consider rethinking your own buying habits on such days of mass consumerism!

Published at: 03-12-2019
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