Planting an Acre: Combatting Climate Change with Traidcraft Exchange

As part of their Regenerators Appeal, our sister organisation, Traidcraft Exchange, hope to raise £30,000 by June 7th, in order to plant 632 acres of trees in coastal Tanzania. These trees will support poor communities in costal Tanzania whose livelihoods have been devastated by climate change; to regenerate their land by planting fruit trees will provide a sustainable livelihood for the future. A £50 donation is enough to plant a whole acre of trees.

The climate crisis is happening now and those most vulnerable are being hit the hardest. Drought and flooding - desert summers and bitter winters - lightning strikes and river erosion mean the crops needed to feed families are failing. By using green technology and planting new, climate resistant trees to protect their land, communities can fight back against the climate crisis.” - Maveen Pereira, Traidcraft Exchange.

Traidcraft Exchange, Urban Green and Traidcraft PLC tree planting on Earth Day

Traidcraft Exchange are appealing to northeast community groups and businesses to support the Regenerators Project by sponsoring the tree planting and helping them reach their target. So far, they have raised enough money to fund 400 acres of tree planting.

Urban Green, a local charity who take care of Newcastle’s 33 parks, gardens and allotments are partnering with Traidcraft Exchange on the initiative by offering these community groups and businesses the chance to plant trees locally too. At Traidcraft plc, we have pledged to support Traidcraft Exchange by raising £4,000 which is enough to fund 80 acres of tree planting. Last week, aptly on Earth Day, Traidcraft plc’s Jude Allen headed to a local park with Traidcraft Exchange and Urban Green, to plant the very first trees of the project.

Traidcraft plc's Jude planting a tree with a quote about what it means to the charity and business

Whether you’re a business, community group or individual, if you’d like to get involved or donate, you can still have your donation doubled thanks to the government’s UK AID Match scheme, until June 7th. For more about Traidcraft Exchange’s Plant an Acre initiative, see their site.

Traidcraft Exchange's plant an acre appeal



Published at: 27-04-2021
Tags: Traidcraft Exchange Regenerators Appeal