Meet the People: Costa Rica Tour 2020

Our friends at Meet the People plan extra special holidays, offering small groups of people the opportunity to gain an authentic insight into their host country’s culture and people, visiting fair trade producers and development projects removed from any tourist trail.

They’ve just announced that their exciting Costa Rica trip is almost guaranteed. Here, they tell us all about this trip of a lifetime!

Meet the People Costa Rica tours

How do you take your coffee? With volcanoes or hot springs, in the rain forest or cloud forest, on the beach or by the lake? Well, on this trip you get to enjoy them all!

Here are three reasons to join us in Costa Rica:

1. In January the coffee harvest is in full swing, join farmers in the field as they pick the ripest of cherries for the most delicious quality fair trade coffee. During our journey across the country we'll also visit farmers growing pineapples, sugar, cocoa and a variety of other fruits and crops.

2. Costa Rica is a small country accounting for 0.03% of the earth’s surface, yet it’s home to 6% of the world’s biodiversity! We make memorable stops at some of the incredible National Parks and Reserves teaming with birds, butterflies, plants and animals where we'll appreciate just a fraction of the natural beauty on offer and learn why the farmers we meet take their role as custodians of the environment so seriously.

Costa Rica tour highlights - photography from Meet the People

3. As our winter is in full force, it’s the perfect time of year to escape the freezing temperatures and enjoy Costa Rica’s year round warmth. If average temperatures in the 20s aren’t enough to encourage you, then a relaxing dip in the geothermal waters of the hot springs is sure to tempt!
This tour is a heady mix of lush green forests, monkeys, butterflies and of course, fair trade. All bathed in the aroma of that wonderful coffee! For more information visit:

To check the most up to date availability and to chat about any of our tours call Hannah or Lizzie on 0191 2651110 or email us at

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Published at: 30-10-2019
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