How to Ask for Charity Donations Instead of Gifts

Giving a physical gift for occasions like birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or weddings is customary, but in recent years we are finding that more and more people are asking for a charity donation or charity gift, rather than a physical one.

Even more so post-pandemic, we are seeing a spike in people requesting charity gifts, perhaps due to people realising that they have most of the things they need already, and not wanting to find storage space for more ‘stuff’ than they really need. It’s great to see so many people wasting less - this is something we hugely advocate here at Traidcraft! Therefore, many people now ask for money or donations to charity instead of gifts.

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Asking friends and family for charity donations as gifts can be daunting if you’ve never had any experience in doing so. Rest assured, your friends and family will be grateful for the gift inspiration, and will appreciate your selflessness, so simply follow these steps on how to ask for a charity donation as a gift and you can’t go wrong:

1. Be polite and direct. The best way to let people know you’d like a charity donation instead of a gift is to courteously tell them upfront, rather than leave them guessing.

2. Tell your friends and family in advance. Letting people know your wishes early gives them plenty of time to find the perfect charity gift for you.

3. Choose a charity / cause. Although all charities are worthwhile, letting people know exactly which charities or causes are close to your heart will give them inspiration on which to choose.

4. Mention charity gifts it in your invite. If you’re having a wedding or birthday party, for example, and you’re sending invites, this is the perfect time to mention that you’d prefer a charity gift or donation over a physical gift.
An example: “I’d be delighted if you could attend my party. I can’t wait to spend the evening with you. A polite request: please don’t buy me gifts. Your presence is all I ask for. However, if you feel inclined, a donation to my charity of choice would be very much appreciated.”

How to ask for charity donations instead of gifts

If you need some inspiration, why not have a look at charity gifts that make a difference, starting at £5. You can see the charities Traidcraft supports here.

If you're wanting to extend your charity support to the festive season, don't forget that our charity Christmas cards include a donation to four charities, Traidcraft Exchange, CAFOD, SCIAF, and Christian Aid.

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Published at: 21-03-2022
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