Fair Trade Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe

This simple chocolate mousse recipe is quick, easy and can be enjoyed by all.

What You’ll Need:
Zaytoun Medjoul Dates – 15x individual dates
Ma’s Happy Life Coconut Milk – 1x 400ml tin
Traidcraft Organic 70% Dark Chocolate – 1x 100g bar
Divine Cocoa Powder - 2x heaped scoops
Water - 100ml
Fresh fruit of choice (to accompany, optional)

How to Make:
- Chill coconut milk for three hours in the fridge.
- Blend pitted medjoul dates, coconut milk (remember to drain excess water off first) and water in blender.
- Melt dark chocolate and add to blended mixture.
- Add cocoa powder to blended mixture.
- Divide mixture into jars and put into fridge for two hours.
- Take out of the fridge, add optional fresh fruit to accompany and enjoy!

Personalise your vegan, fair trade mousse using this recipe

Published at: 17-09-2020
Tags: Fair Trade Recipe Vegan Recipe Vegan Dessert Recipe