Fair Trade Easter Egg Review - 2020 Easter Range

Our Easter 2020 range is our biggest and best yet, with dozens of delicious fair trade Easter eggs and FSC certified cards on offer. If you’ve had even just the smallest of glances at our Easter offering, you’ll see why our faces lit up when we were asked to review this year’s Easter egg range (you don’t have to ask us twice!). Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed each and every mouthful, and have rounded up our favourites to whet your appetites!

Traidcraft Easter eggs

Traidcraft Organic Milk and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Easter Eggs
To say we were excited to try our very first, own brand Easter eggs this year would be a complete understatement. These Traidcraft firsts are made from mouth-watering Organic and Fairtrade chocolate and have a fair trade surprise hidden away inside them. The toys include two adorable bookmarks, a knitted pencil topper and a cute miniature notebook, all cleverly crafted by artisans who have been paid a fair price for their work.
Coming peppered with tasty, tactile hazelnut pieces, the chocolate shells are the perfect combination of smooth-meets-crunch – the ideal accompaniment to a cup of tea. With a noticeably thicker shell than your run-of-the-mill Easter eggs, you get more chocolate per bite, which (in theory…) should last longer than a regular Easter egg. The dark chocolate variety is completely vegan, which is perfect for anyone who has this specific dietary requirement, but still wants to celebrate Easter with a sweet treat. Keep an eye out on our blog for a 100% transparent breakdown of the costs involved in the production of these eggs!

Traidcraft Organic Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Easter Egg: “Perfect for dark chocolate lovers – less rich than the milk – so can eat more!” Gina, Traidcraft Team Member.

Divine Pink Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Divine Dark with Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate Easter Egg
This egg is bold, in a good way. Made from Divine's signature smooth Fairtrade chocolate, this particular egg embodies Easter with a twist – a pink Himalayan salt twist. It’s made of 70% dark chocolate, so if you’re more of a dark chocolate lover and are hoping to try something a bit different this season, allow us to introduce you. We must admit, as much as we truly enjoyed each bite, the dark chocolate is extremely rich; it’s the sort of treat you probably wouldn’t polish off one evening with a cuppa, but would savour in small, satisfying mouthfuls. Although noticeable within the crunchy texture, the juxtaposing sharp kick of pink Himalayan salt is very subtle at first, then stealthily emerges once the chocolate has melted into your palate. All in all, we loved it. It’s a unique and quirky take on Divine’s familiar dark chocolate – and we reckon at Easter, why not have a bit of fun experimenting with new flavours? No wonder it’s the Vegan Society approved Easter egg on everyone’s lips – literally!

Quote about Pink Himalayan Easter Egg from Mozzy

The Real Easter Egg

The Real Easter Egg Milk Chocolate

Ever since it first landed on our shelves, The Real Easter Egg has been our top seller, week in, week out – and we were looking forward to tasting for ourselves exactly why it’s so popular! The Real Easter Egg focuses on the meaning of Easter in the truest Christian sense and includes a 24-page booklet with the story of the first Easter to keep kids occupied over the Easter weekend. It’s also completely plastic and palm oil free, comes in a 100% recyclable box and has a prize competition attached – ticking all of our boxes and more! So, how does it taste? Well, the answer is delicious! The milk chocolate egg is particularly creamy and has a noticeably thicker shell than its counterparts. The smooth and subtly buttery chocolate melts almost instantaneously into your mouth, leaving your taste buds satisfied, yet still reaching to break off the next piece… 

Feedback from a trusted customer about the Easter egg

 Divine Milk Chocolate Speckled Easter Eggs

Divine Milk Chocolate Speckled Easter Eggs
The Milk Chocolate Speckled Easter Eggs were one of our ultimate favourites of the mini eggs in our Easter 2019 range. Surprisingly large (for mini eggs) and ridiculously realistic, these dainty delights take us back to our childhood days of Easter hunts in the garden. We can confirm that these pretty mini eggs are as tasty as they are aesthetically pleasing. Unlike many other mini eggs on the market, the speckled sugar shells of these eggs are the perfect thickness; thick enough to cause a delicate crunch and add to the overall experience when bitten, but not thick enough to cause your molars to quake in fear. Once cracked, the welcome, concentrated mouthful of smooth, solid Divine milk chocolate filled our mouths and melted away to a molten puddle of chocolate and crunched shell in seconds. Warning: they’re so good, you’ll blink and the pack will be empty.

Divine Tangy Orange Chocolate Easter Egg

Divine Tangy Orange Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Causing ructions through our office, Divine strike again with their unbelievably tasty, sustainably sourced chocolate Easter eggs. The Tangy Orange Milk Chocolate Easter Egg is lovingly made from the highest quality cocoa, grown by Kuapa Kokoo farmers in Ghana, and is made up of Divine’s signature smooth milk chocolate, with tangy orange oil running through. As soon as we opened the (completely compostable) foil wrapping, the appetising burst of orange prickled its way through the air and transported us to the sunnier climbs of balmy orange groves. The fact that the medium strength orange flavour comes from orange oil and not orange pieces gets a huge thumbs up for us, as it’s just as brimming full of flavour, but is still able to melt smoothly in the mouth. Although mild, the promise of ‘tangy’ orange managed to squeeze its way into our mouths, leaving a subtle but welcome and flavoursome bitter tone.

 Divine Flight of Flavours Milk & White Chocolate Easter Egg Selection

Divine Flight of Flavours Milk & White Chocolate Easter Egg Selection
Needless to say, this flavourful flight really packs a punch. Containing five different milk and white chocolate flavours, tucked into one compact flight of eggs, we quickly fought off any competition and navigated our way to our favourites. The milk chocolate with toffee and seasalt was a real high point, boasting salty bitterness peppered through super sweet milk chocolate, and the white chocolate with strawberries offered a heavenly, satisfying crunch amidst sumptuous white chocolate. The milk with orange is very similar to the Divine Tangy Orange Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, with tangy bursts of orange oil regularly taking leaps of faith onto our now dizzy taste buds, while the white chocolate egg oozed elegance and maturity from our very first bite. Finally, the 45% high cocoa milk chocolate egg offered something completely different; a smooth, rounded cocoa flavour with unobtrusive hints of vanilla. Almost like ordering a tapas of chocolate in a restaurant (the dream), our unanimous verdict is that we’d love to receive this flight of mini Easter eggs as a wonderful alternative to one single flavoured Easter egg (not that we’d turn down the latter, either!).
Due to the popularity of this wonderful flight of Fairtrade eggs, we now have a vegan flight option available. This new flight includes five rich, dark-chocolate eggs made with Fairtrade cocoa grown by loud and proud farmers at Kuapa Kokoo fair trade co-operative, in Ghana. 

So, whether you’re giving it as a gift, or simply treating yourself, we hope we’ve given you the mouth-watering Easter egg inspiration you were looking for. Do let us know which are your favourites!

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Published at: 02-03-2020
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