Divine's Literacy Programme - Helping over 200 farmers in Kuapa Kokoo

As you’ll know if you’ve ever tasted Divine chocolate, this forward-thinking enterprise offer the most delicious Fairtrade chocolate. The cocoa beans which go into making their chocolate are sourced from Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of vibrant smallholder farmers in Ghana.

Divine is quite special, in that it’s the only Fairtrade-certified chocolate company which is 20% owned by the cocoa farmers themselves; this part ownership of the company gives farmers a share of distributable profits, as well as a stronger voice in business decision making. Divine’s mission is to champion the needs of farmers, improving their lives and those of their families, so that together, we create a fair and sustainable world.

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Apart from the positive changes Divine is making within the cocoa supply chain, the business is also investing in the personal development of farmers at Kuapa Kokoo, allowing them to thrive and feel truly empowered.

Divine piloted its first Adult Literacy and Numeracy Programme with Kuapa Kokoo in 2014. Since September 2020, the programme has helped 235 farmers, over half of whom were women, learn how to read and write! 

Feedback from the farmers about the literacy programme has been phenomenal. Many explained that they were motivated to learn how to read and write so they can assist their children with their homework, whereas previously this was not an option - children simply had to get by themselves. Other farmers gave feedback that they were keen to learn business skills like costing, pricing and reading cocoa scales - all tasks they can carry out now without assistance.

A farmer who has benefitted from Divine's literacy programme

Due to its success, the programme will be rolled out to three more farmer co-operatives this year: Assin Breku, Assin Fosu and Cape Coast. We can’t wait to hear more feedback from Divine about the farmers benefitting from the programme!

If you are interested to find out more about the impact Divine is having on the farmers, communities and co-operatives they work with, you can read their most recent impact report here. This report covers partnerships with cocoa and sugar farmer co-operatives, and how they are translating into better livelihoods and more empowered farming communities.

Divine's impact report


Published at: 05-05-2021
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