Climate Change and Coffee

Transparency is one of our key values here at Traidcraft, so we wanted to give you a 100% transparent update regarding changes which you will see taking place in mid-2022.

Recent months have seen unprecedented effects on the world’s coffee industry. With intermittent café closures and more of us staying at home, the demand for coffee has been turbulent to say the least. The current challenges that global supply chains and logistics face are also having huge impact on the instability of meeting demand.

Unfortunately, for all producers of coffee beans, these are not the only challenges being faced. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer. However, recent droughts, coupled with severe frosts due to climate change, have had a crippling effect on their coffee bean harvests.

Frost in Brazil due to climate change

Other key coffee producing regions including Central America and North Africa have also been severely affected by climate change-related weather events. Many countries that are key suppliers of raw materials are also still battling the effects of the COVID pandemic.

Traidcraft, alongside all worldwide coffee retailers, have found both sourcing and pricing of raw materials to be incredibly volatile at the minute, and as such, we have had to make a few changes, which you will see implemented in mid-2022. Due to the seasonality of coffee harvests, some origins are proving more difficult than others to source. Following discussions with our key suppliers, we have decided to amalgamate some of our product ranges in order to secure supply, whilst still ensuring the freshness we require to keep the high quality that we pride ourselves on. These merges will ensure the blend is always as fresh as it can be and will equate to a fresher tasting coffee year-round! Keep an eye out for these new blends coming into stock from mid-2022.

We have also worked closely with our logistics partners to streamline our procurement and manufacturing processes. This ensures our supply chain is as robust and sustainable as it can be, and we have been able to remove some additional transport through more direct sourcing. Unfortunately, price increases are going to be unavoidable.

Coffee companies increasing prices

This is a global issue which you can expect to see across all of your favourite coffee brands; any who are not lifting their prices could be compromising on quality and fairness throughout their supply chains. Our promise is 100% transparency and that we will keep these additional costs to a minimum.

We hope that you understand the reasoning behind our price increase, and that you soon get the opportunity to try the new blends. Who knows, you may end up discovering your new favourite coffee!


Published at: 24-01-2022
Tags: Coffee Brazil Climate Change