5 Step Guide to Buying Ethical Clothing and Sustainable Fashion

Why would you want to wear a piece of clothing that you didn’t understand? In this eco-conscious age, it’s never been easier to shop with a conscience.

Our clothing shows the world who we are, and who we want to be. Making ethical clothing and sustainable fashion choices means you care about the earth, about people. You’ve put the time and care into researching where your clothes come from, and you know every penny you spend makes a difference.

So what steps should you take to start your own ethical wardrobe? 

1. Declutter your wardrobe

Modern wardrobes are a lot bigger than they were 50 years ago. Most of us don't 'make do and mend' anymore, and simply throw away clothing when it no longer fits or suits us. Don't cling to old pieces that don't make you happy, and instead donate them to a charity shop or use the fabric to make something new. Once you see how much 'stuff' you're clearing out, you might feel inspired to change the way you shop in the future!

2. Look after your clothing

Look after your clothing in the same way you'd look after your body. After all, our clothing is our second skin, and should see us through years of memories. Mend, clean, fold and store them with love and care. Look after your clothes, treat them with love, and then recycle the fabric when they’ve reached the end of their lives. It’s easy to make some simple cleaning cloths, or if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, fabric scraps can be used to make a patchwork quilt!

3. Find out if your clothing is fair trade

Look for stories on the brand’s website about the people who make the clothing. If the brand is transparent, there might be stories about anyone in the supply chain, from the growers to the weavers to the truckers. If you need a starting point, take a look at our fair trade fashion and sustainable clothing collection to see how incredible fair trade clothes can be.

4. Buy with intention

Choose to buy timeless wardrobe staples and essentials that are versatile enough for every occasion. Buying versatile pieces doesn’t mean you compromise your own personal style – seek out colourful pieces you can layer and create countless looks with. Whenever you buy a new coat, dress, jumper, or any fashion piece – think about what you can pair it with that you already own.

5. Avoid fast fashion

Buy less, and buy smarter. We live in a throwaway culture, with vast amounts of clothing ending up in landfill every day. Consider whether the garment is made to last, has been stitched with care, and whether it’ll become a wardrobe staple. Embrace slow fashion, consciously-chosen clothes, and the simple joy of appreciating what we have.

And there you go! Follow these simple steps and you’re well on your way to starting your own ethical and sustainable fashion capsule wardrobe, bursting with colour and creativity. Need a starting point? Explore our collection of fair trade fashion and sustainable clothing for some inspiration, or maybe even our range of handmade baskets and storage solutions.

Follow our simple 5 step guide to building an ethical wardrobe bursting with eco-friendly and fair trade clothing to be proud of.

Published at: 19-09-2018
Tags: ethical clothing sustainable fashion fair trade clothing capsule wardrobe slow fashion